Wednesday, September 12, 2007


We had the next ultrasound today at 11am. We were informed that the nuchal translucency that was the problem before looks like it's gone away as far as they can tell. The angles they were getting on Jackson weren't good enough to be 100% certain, and he wasn't obliging us by moving to his side to make it easier.

However they were able to tell us that he has a bilateral cleft lip (and possibly palate), and they're certain on that one. As it turns out, this is sometimes connected with other major problems such as brain functionality and hearing problems. Unfortunately (although it's about par for the course) we won't know more for at least 3 weeks which is when they have to wait do the next ultrasound to check up on other things that could be wrong.

If the only problem is the cleft palate and lip, then we will then have to go down to the LA Children's hospital to consult with surgeons on the next steps of a very long process. They will be able to tell us when the first round of surgeries will have to occur, and talk about the possible need for a prosthesis for his mouth so that he can eat when he is born.

As of right now we don't know much other than that, and whatever internet research can bring up. In 3 weeks we'll know if it's an isolated problem or if it's connected to something much bigger. Your prayers would be appreciated.

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