Thursday, July 3, 2008

July Adventures

If you've wondered at the reason for the lack of blog posts recently, it is due to the fact that June has been a fairly boring month in the lives of the Whittingtons. Well, aside from Jackson's latest pattern of not wanting to sleep for 3 days, then catching up the next 2... I really have no idea why this is his new thing. He'll barely sleep for a few days in a row, then because he has exhausted himself, he takes the next couple days to catch up. Let's just say he slept two 10 hour nights following our last sleepless episode. Then he's back to not sleeping again.

We have, however, had the opportunity to house sit for some of our friends recently which has been nice. First for the Allshouses, now the Caldwells. We're leaving here today to pack up for the weekend. We'll be heading down to Seal Beach for the 4th and my cousin's wedding on the 5th. Then on the 10th, Jackson and I fly out to Austin to visit Daniel's family. Daniel will meet up with us following his work trip to Orlando on the 18th, and we'll fly home together on the 27th. Jackson has his craniofacial team appointment July 31st at CHLA. So it's looking like July will most likely be a more eventful month!

Just to give you a glimpse of the cuteness that's in store for us in Austin:

Hair Had a Party Dance from Sarah Combs on Vimeo.

Taylor Sitting Up from Sarah Combs on Vimeo.

Jackson can't wait to play with his cousins!


Mercy Kidz said...

Hey i put a moment on the syndrome post, I didnt know if you got notifications, and it was a few pages back! Bless you!!!

Jeremy & Sarah Davenport said...

what a crazy july, you guys have in store. hopefully it'll be a lot of fun (and jackson will learn to sleep again!)
we'll miss you guys...