Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Notes From Neighbors

We've all gotten them. The "can you please not fill up the trash can before others are able to use it" note or the "can you please not block my mailbox with your car" note. But, I'll bet you've never gotten a note like this.

Yesterday when we checked into the Ronald Mcdonald house, I loaded our stuff into our room and then we went out to dinner. When we got back this was under our door.

Yeah, totally. I'll bet even YOU feel bad now. And you didn't even get the note.


p.s. on a side note... did you ever realize how LOUD brushing your teeth is?


Jen Smith said...

Actually migraine, brushing my teeth is brutal. The touch, the taste, the smell, and yes the sound. Like claws scratching across my brain.

I once posted quite a hissy fit on my blog because a sock swap partner failed to send me the socks she was supposed to knit for me. I got an email from her mother shortly swap partner had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and after having it removed was having to relearn basic motor skills.

Can you say horse's ass? Yep, that was me.

skylana said...

yes i realize how loud EVERY thing is, and i nag seth about being quieter all the time. poor guy. i lived in a ronald mcdonald house one time. my brother was born 2 and half months early in salt lake city utah so we had to live there.. there was a polygamist family across the way who would do piano/singing performances for the whole house... it was awkward.. and there was a dwarf lady who all i remember is she had a seizure and fell of a bar stool, scared the crap out of my 10 year old self. that being said, those houses are really amazing... despite the polygamist performances.