Friday, March 27, 2009

Austin Adventures

Sorry it has been so long... Honestly, I have been so tired and haven't had the words in me. Between adjusting to Texas life, Jackson's numerous doctors appointments, not to mention him being sick with 101.5 fevers for 4 days, life has just gotten the better of me.

We still have a lot to do, but here are a few pics of our house:

We are absolutely loving the space!

Jackson had his first Craniofacial Team appointment at Dell Children's on Monday, February 23rd and we couldn't be happier! We finally feel that Jackson is in good hands. There have been many unknowns up to this point with his syndrome diagnosis and he is beginning to get the follow up we have been wanting. And it's such a relief that all his appointments are right here in Austin.

We saw the ENT doctor this morning. Jackson will most likely need a new tube in his left ear as it has moved out of position thus causing some hearing issues. He screamed the entire time the doctor was trying to look in his ears, so much so that he started to hyperventilate. When the doctor was finished, he just glared at him in between catching his breath and whimpering. I feel bad for him; he's got to be so sick of people messing with him. When we drove to the appointment, it was sunny outside... By the time we were leaving, it was POURING! I wasn't at all prepared, so I snuggled Jackson up to me and made a run for the car. Needless to say, we both got soaked. Now it's sunny and 80 degrees outside. Go figure. The weather here is totally schizophrenic...

Monday we see the Genetics doctor. Wednesday we see the GI doctor. And the following week we see Jackson's new pediatrician. Phew.

Jackson is crawling all over the place now and pulling himself up onto things. A couple weeks ago, Daniel's sister Sarah let us borrow a few Baby Einstein DVDs. I was hesitant at first, but put one in. Jackson sat in front of it the whole time and I have never seen him laugh so hard (except when we tickle him)! It takes everything in me not to burst out laughing! It seriously is so cute. But then he figured out how to turn on the TV - a big no no. He'll turn it on and then clap and get excited. Anyone have tips for not laughing at your kids when they disobey? It just kills me.

We have a swing in the backyard that Jackson loves! It was pretty hot out the other day so Jackson decided to hide under his sheriff cowboy hat...



jenny said...

Yay. So good to read of all your going-ons. So many doctor's appointments! Doesn't that just wear you out? Jackson sounds like he's doing well... such a cutie.

Thanks for all your encouraging words and helpful tips over the past few weeks. You sure are a blessing! Love your house... it looks wonderful!

Joy Howse said...

Love the house, looks so open and spacious, just the way I like them. Things have certainly been busy and looks like it will remain that way for a while with the appointments. I am sure you are looking forward to a little breather when things calm down. I was hesitant on the Baby Einsteins as well, but now when I put one in, he hears the beginning and comes crawling out of whatever trouble he is getting into and then just sits there laughs and 'talks' to the characters. So much fun. Hope you have a blessed weekend.

Lindsay Reskey said...

your new home looks just lovely... and i love reading your updates on jackson... i can just see his exhuberant joy over learning how to turn the tv on... and if you figure out how to look sternly at our children while we are amused at their antics let me know... i have been known to take video which i am sure doesn't help the problem but helps me laugh later.

Chelsea Robbins said...

Love the gray colors of the house- you're inspiring me

Jacksons cow boy hat is too cute.

I think i'll have to find Conrad one!