Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holiday Recap

The holidays have kept us busy this year...

In early December, on a lovely Saturday evening, we headed out with the Caldwells to Holloway's Christmas Trees! Daniel and I have made this a tradition since we were married in 2005, but this was Jackson's 1st Christmas Tree excursion. As you can tell, we had loads of fun!

Roasting marshmallows...

Riding in wagons...

Driving tractors...

All by ourselves... (sshhh... don't tell him I'm still holding on!)

And came back with a beautiful tree!

Jackson even had his very own ornament!

We enjoyed lovely Christmas parties at the homes of the Siems and Caldwells - thank you! And even a caroling party at my cousin's house and neighborhood! There's a bit of a funny (and a bit humiliating) story with that one... Well, let's just say I felt so confident we were at my cousin's home, I walked right on in! Only to discover that their house was a few doors down... I apologized profusely and wished them a Merry Christmas! Thankfully, they were very gracious. Oh well...

We spent Christmas Eve with my family - my Mom has a lovely tradition and makes delicious "Christmas Eve Soup" every year! I'll have to carry on your tradition in Texas, Mom!

GeeGee Wright and Nana

Great Grandpa Trine

And then we enjoyed Christmas morning together as a family - Jackson's 1st Christmas! We kept it simple this year and bought Jackson only one present along with a few treats in his stocking!

It's a...

New Tonka truck!

As you can see, he loved the paper more than the present!

We rang in the New Year with the Caldwells and the Barkers! Happy 2009! Only a couple days till Jackson is 1!!!

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