Monday, January 26, 2009

Austin, Texas

Our new address:

4502 Velasco Place
Austin, TX 78749

We have been crazy busy packing, loading, traveling, unloading, and unpacking... We are mostly settled in now and are attempting a few minor updates to the house. For now, here's what it looks like from the outside:

More to come...


Joy Howse said...

I was wondering why your blog had been so quiet. Glad to hear that thing are settling in. I know first hand how chaotic a move can be (having just moved on Jan 3rd), but mine was right in the same town, not with major traveling distance. Hope you are feeling back to normal as soon as possible. I have been craving a cute video of Jackson... anything new? he always makes me smile and laugh. Hope you have a wonderful week.

wig said...

Crazy! Your house is huge! I can't believe you live there. I miss you terribly. I hope your neighbors know how lucky they are :)

Soderin Family said...

What a cute (big) house! Miss you guys. Have you found a doctor for Jackson yet?