Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jackson is crawling!

This is huge. It has been a long time coming. Jackson is finally crawling! We have been so excited and he is enjoying new levels of independence.

So I have attempted to film it. The story behind the two videos...

Jackson loves anything technological and anything belonging to anyone but himself, meaning cell phones, computers and cameras specifically. So I tried to video him crawling the first time and soon discovered his crawling was motivated by his desire for the camera. He worked so hard to get to it and then Mommy wouldn't let him have it. Such a mean Mommy. Thus this first video:

Crawling & The Camera Dilemma from Halle Whittington on Vimeo.

Later on, Daddy was encouraging him to crawl, so I tried to capture it yet again. Needless to say, it was a bit dark in the room. I hope you can catch the gymnastics Jackson throws in there. It's pretty classic.

Crawling! from Halle Whittington on Vimeo.

We have so much more to update but that will have to wait till next time! But I will say this... We are loving Austin thus far!


Joy Howse said...

HURRAY for Jackson!!! Now Mommy and Daddy have to watch out, the sky's the limit now. LOVE the video and his little gymastic moves. Too funny.
Technical note... how do you imbed videos? I know the whole click the film strip thing, but when I have done it in the past it will say uploading for like 45 mins and then give me an error that it couldn't upload my video. Frustrating. I have some REALLy cute things that Aiden does that I want to share but don't know why blogger won't take them. Any hints would be appreciated.
Glad you are enjoying Austin. Have you met with the medical team there yet? Do you like it? What if anything does Jackson still need done? Ok, done with questions. Sorry. :)

eva said...

Yay for Jackson! I loved getting to see the special excitement of it all. And, hearing you laugh was also pretty wonderful! I think you have the best laugh of anyone I know. :)

Jen Smith said...

Wow, he is so fantastic! I love his little sobs when you won't give him the camera. He's just so cute!

Anne-Therese said...

Ah I love it so much!!! I just want to squeeze him. He's doing great! And I have to say I really miss your laugh, Halle.

forevermoores said...

yeah Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE it :)

I miss you sweetie - I'm SO bummed we were never able to link up. just know that I think of you all the time. you are one amazing Mama and you have one very special little boy that is SO loved!!!


Kelly Meirik said...

Halle`...I just found your blog through the Caldwells, who I found through the Avila's!!! That's what's so great about blogs!
I can't wait to read all that I've missed in the past goodness like 7 years!!!
Loved the crawling video!

Jana Itzen said...

So good to hear your laugh!
Jackson is a doll - and quite acrobatic!

wig said...

Oh my goodness- i loved the videos! I just watched them (still haven't figured out the rss feed thing). I laughed pretty hard. I wish I could be there. I love seeing him move around- he has the greatest personality. Love you guys sooo much!