Monday, December 31, 2007


Yesterday they decided to try to remove the excess fluid. They did an amniocentesis with the goal of removing at least 3,000 ml of fluid. About 5 minutes into it, Halle had a really bad reaction to the procedure. She had a really hard contraction that ended up seizing the needle. She nearly passed out from the pain. The tried to ride it out for a few minutes, but Halle kept getting worse, so the immediately stopped the procedure and pulled the needle out, and administered a dose of Fentynol. That took about 5 minutes to take effect and Halle was exhausted and still in pain even after it kicked in.

That pretty much decided for them that they were no longer going to attempt to remove fluid, which means they were out of options. The Terbutalene is having no effect, the Magnesium is not really stopping the contractions and removing excess fluid is now out of the question.

So here's the current story.

Halle is still having a contraction about every 7 minutes. She is still on the Magnesium and is still having to endure all kinds of discomforts and needles every few hours. We just found out that Dr. Yin won't be back in town until January 2nd. In the meantime another doctor is in charge and he is very averse to risking anything without Yin's involvement. We aren't 100% for sure until we talk with him tomorrow morning. But it seems likely right now that he will want to just maintain status quo. So that would mean keeping Halle on the continued Magnesium IV, and hope that nothing changes to force our hand and require Jackson to be delivered. Then we'll hold out until Dr. Yin is able to be consulted on Wednesday. We have no idea what she'll want to do at that point.

Either Halle will be stuck on bedrest in the hospital until Jan. 8th which was the original plan. It is also possible that Yin will decide to let things just move forward. If that is the case, they will remove Halle from all medication and we'll most likely have Jackson soon.

So that's it for now. We'll be hanging out in the hospital when I'm not at work. I'm making the famous "Whittington New Year's Eve Shrimp Gumbo" and taking it to the hospital tomorrow night. Halle and I will be sharing it with all the nurses that we've gotten to know. ;)

Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts for Halle.

More updates to come.

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