Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Daniel and I wanted to update you with the latest happenings in the Whittington neck of the woods... We went in for our monthly ultrasound yesterday. It appears that Jackson is growing quite well, as he is now weighing about 4 lbs. 6 oz. The specialist told us we have a very large baby; most babies at this stage weigh almost 3 lbs. I am still measuring quite big for where we're at due to an increased amount of amniotic fluid. I should be measuring at about 31 weeks, but am measuring full-term. This poses a number of problems for both Jackson and myself.

I have been in quite a bit of back pain for a few weeks now, and as of last week was put on disability by my doctor, so I am no longer working. I was having a few contractions here and there, and have been very uncomfortable, but because this is all new to me, I haven't really known what should cause concern and what is normal.

At yesterday's ultrasound, the specialist said that I will need to begin having non-stress tests done twice per week from now on. Excess amniotic fluid can pose many risks to the baby, and can be associated with a high rate of fetal mortality. Thus, the regular non-stress tests. There is also a very high risk of preterm labor.

Well, today I received a call from my doctor's office to go in for my first non-stress test. I went in at 3:15pm today and they began monitoring Jackson. During my visit, I mentioned that I have been experiencing quite a bit of contractions. The doctor felt a few in the short time she was there and sent me over to Sierra Vista Hospital. I was there for a few hours while they monitored contractions and Jackson's heartbeat. I was having fairly significant contractions every 6 minutes, so they gave me a shot of tributelene which seemed to help slow them down right away. They administered a couple other tests while I was there, and at about 7:30pm I was released with strict orders. I am officially on complete bedrest. I can only get up to use the bathroom, and use the microwave to heat up meals if I have to. I was instructed to keep an ice chest next to the bed with any food and drink items easily accessible. (Daniel is currently shopping for those items as I write.) I can only drive to doctor's appointments, otherwise, I am to remain at home resting. I was also given a prescription for terbutalene which I am to take every four hours as contractions persist.

The good news is that other than his cleft, Jackson's heart, brain, kidneys and limbs all appear perfectly normal and healthy. And Daniel's doing great, able to drive and move around as usual, taking care of his bedridden wife. :) We're not sure how long I'll be on bedrest. It could very well be for the next 4-6 weeks. The doctors seem to think Jackson will make his appearance in early or mid January.

So, if you're in the area, and you have a bit of free time, please don't hesitate to come by and say hello. I'll be here. :) And please continue to pray for Jackson's health (and my sanity) over the next weeks, and that he would stay put long enough so that no other complications would come into play.

Lastly, it looks like we'll be going to UCLA for his surgery. We don't know much more than that at this point, but when we do, we'll fill you in. Thanks again for your prayers and support. We love you.

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