Saturday, December 29, 2007


Last night Halle was having around 12 contractions an hour and they were getting stronger. So after 3 hours of that we went to Sierra Vista at about 10pm. Once we got there they immediately gave her a shot of Terbutalene. That didn't really do anything, so they gave her another at about 12am, and when that didn't work they gave her another shot and a pill at about 2am. At 4 am, there were no changes, and Halle was not dilating either so they decided to put her on a Magnesium drip. At about 8am, that was not having an effect either, so they brought in Dr. Shields to look check her out, and were wanting to do an Amniocenteses to remove the excess amniotic fluid. We were not a big fan of that idea except as a last resort, so we voted to increase the dosage of magnesium first to see if that would work. They also gave Halle an injection of steroids to start giving Jackson's lungs a boost in case he ends up coming early.

So here's where were are now.

Halle hasn't slept at all, what with all the injections, the side effects of the medication, and being ridiculously uncomfortable. I slept about 1 hour. I'm now at home trying to get some things together since Halle will be in the hospital until at least Monday morning at 8am. At that point the steroids will have had the desired results and it will be better for Jackson if he ends up coming early.

If the increased dosage of Magnesium doesn't work, they'll want to remove the excess fluid this afternoon. Side effects are infection and the possibility of Halle going into immediate labor.

We're not that worried about Jackson coming early because we both think that we're about a week and a half ahead of schedule. But keep us in your prayers. Pray mostly that Halle gets sleep, and that Jackson weathers this with the minimum amount of complications or stress.

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