Friday, March 28, 2008

Long Day

Yesterday Jackson got his nasal stints put in. The wires connect to the mouthpiece he had before come up over his top lip and are shoved up into both nostrils forcing his nose up against his face.

We now have our very own 'pig/walrus'. :)

He loves it, as you can imagine. And to top it off, Halle and Jackson arrived home from their 15 hour weekly LA train trip at about 8pm last night, and Halle discovered that Jackson had massive swelling in his groin when she was changing his diaper. We headed off to the emergency room, stopped by the front desk to get our 'frequent visitor card' stamped so we get our 13th visit free... and headed into the emergency room.

It turns out that Jackson had a hernia. After getting him back on the IV, taking blood, xrays and wrapping his lower body in an ice pack for 2 hours, they managed to actually push it back in.

Now we're scheduled to meet with a specialist on Tuesday at which point they will schedule a surgery date to repair the hole so this doesn't become a regular thing. Until then we have to keep a watchful eye to make sure it doesn't pop back out.

Ahh..... it just gets better and better.

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