Tuesday, March 4, 2008

NAM Donations

Many of you have been asking about how to go about donating to Jackson's NAM procedure (because it isn't covered by insurance). Here's what we're doing:

  • If you would like to give a tax-deductible donation benefitting Jackson, Mountainbrook Community Church has agreed to process donations taken for Jackson's smile. The church will make out a check to the Craniofacial Team at CHLA. If more than $4000 is collected, that money will be donated to Operation Smile. Make your check out to 'Mountainbrook Community Church' and in the memo please write 'Operation Smile'. You can mail the check directly to: Mountainbrook Community Church, 4251 S. Higuera Ste. 200, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.
  • If you are interested in helping us out directly, you can mail us at: 410 Foothill Road, Shell Beach, CA 93449.

Again, we greatly appreciate your prayers and support. We will continue to keep you updated with Jackson's progress.

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Emily said...

I don't even know how I found your blog but I'm reading it from the beginning. I can't believe it - you live just a few streets over from where my Grandparents lived almost my whole life (Montecito).