Friday, April 11, 2008


Today is our last day in our beloved Shell Beach condo. We are set to move into Los Osos with my (Halle) parents tomorrow for about 6 months. My parents have been gracious enough to let us, all 3 of us, live with them so that we can work on paying off the debt we've incurred through Jackson's medical expenses in the past months, placing ourselves in a much better financial position (as well as getting much needed emotional support). Thank you Mom & Dad!

So our address as of April 12th will be:
1778 14th St.
Los Osos, CA 93402

We have been so grateful to the Schlenkers for allowing us the opportunity to rent from them the past 2+ years in the most incredibly beautiful location. So many memories. We will miss you Shell Beach.


Soderin Family said...

W's, we look forward to having you as neighbors. We miss the shell beach place too at times, but we can say we love LO-life.

Jenny Schlenker said...

ah, love you guys. your family has been on all of our hearts. my folks love you guys- my mom says " they are the sweetest couple" Love you all!