Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Poop Explosion!

Today was quite an eventful day for us (Mom & Jackson, that is). Why was today so eventful? Let's just say we have a very clever son. Jackson executed his first experiment in physics today, the physics of poop propulsion.

Exhibit A:

Yes, quite clever indeed. That kind of experiment makes for a hard day's work. Time for a break...

Exhibit B:


The Avilas said...

Don't you love it! The only good news is that someday they will be wiping our butts! Then they really will appreciate what we went through for them! Love you girl!


Aimee Piersma said...

Good news...poop won't always be explode-able. :)
Don't you just love Jackson's little pot belly? And the thighs? I squeeze Meli's all the time.

Andrea June said...

Wow! That's an amazingly talented baby to shoot poop outside the diaper! Go Jackson ;)