Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What A Week!

This week threw us some interesting twists. Jackson, having just gone through major surgery, started out the week fairly lethargic. The doctors had prescribed Tylenol with Codeine every 6 hours which we initially followed religiously. However, Tuesday night, following his regular dose, Jackson was not falling asleep. In fact, he was awake most of the night, only sleeping in 15 minute increments. We had heard that codeine can have this opposite effect thus we decided to switch Jackson to straight Tylenol starting Wednesday morning.

Well, Wednesday started us on a downhill rollercoaster quickly headed for Disasterville. The days got progressively worse, climaxing on Friday where Jackson cried for 5 hours straight and the end to his tears were not in sight. At the five hour mark, I decided to put him in the car and take a drive (the car tends to rock Jackson to sleep). Not knowing where to go, or how long we would be in the car, I started to drive down Los Osos Valley Road toward San Luis Obispo... still not knowing where I'd end up. The tears were not letting up.

I was almost to SLO when the phone rang. Daniel had called Dr. Bravo's office - Dr. Bravo would see Jackson at 3:00pm (although he was supposed to be out of the country). Love him! I killed a bit of time at Daniel's work prior to heading down the street to try to figure out what was going wrong.

We arrived at Dr. Bravo's office. Jackson cried on the way in, in the waiting room, and in the room while we waited. Having seen Jackson that previous Monday, we found out that Jackson had lost 10 ounces... Not a good sign.

Long story short - we ended up admitting Jackson into Sierra Vista overnight. After running a bunch of tests, the doctor was pretty sure that the Tylenol and Tylenol with Codeine weren't cutting it. Poor baby was in pain. Crazy pain. How did we find this out? After a dose of Toradol and a couple doses of Morphine, our baby's disposition changed for the better. Sheesh.

We checked out of the hospital at 7:00pm Saturday, just in time for our friend's 30th birthday extravaganza and my first Mother's Day. More to come...

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