Sunday, January 6, 2008

Game Plan

Well we finally have real news and a plan. Halle kicked into hardcore contractions (30 sec to 1 minute apart) last night. They managed to knock her out for only about 2 hours with pain meds, and she was back awake and in pain again. So Dr. Yin decided to put her back on Magnesium. So that kept Halle up most of last night but it did manage to mellow things out. It turns out that Halle is measuring how a woman having triplets would normally be measuring at this point. Sweet.

Dr. Yin came in this morning about 9am after talking with the NICU staff and had a game plan. As of right now (because of space issues, and the hospitals policy on keeping planned c-sections to 2 a day) we are scheduling a c-section for Wednesday around noon or so. In the meantime they are going to wean her off the Mag starting tomorrow morning. If she ends up in actual labor and delivers early, then that's great too. Or if she goes into labor and then requires an emergency c-section, then all bets are off, and they'll do it immediately.

So Jackson will be here by Wednesday at the latest. Since Halle will most likely have a c-section, she's going to be in the hospital for a bit longer, but we're both happier knowing we have an end to the craziness ahead of us.

Thanks again for everyone's prayers and visits. It's been getting us through this one day at a time. I'll let you know when the next milestone is hit or when Jackson decides he's on the way.

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