Thursday, January 3, 2008


So Halle spent the first half of yesterday in major pain. They stopped all medication (since it wasn't doing jack-squat anyway) and by noon she was having a contraction every minute or so, and they were getting to be unbearable. So about 4pm they decided to give her Morphine again since there's no change, and it doesn't look like she's any closer to delivery. They did it again last night so she could sleep.

Dr. Yin came in this morning and let us know that they were basically just going to do nothing except help with the pain. She wants Halle to get to at least 34 weeks (which would be January 6th) before she thinks about inducing or anything like that. Plus, evidently there are no beds in the NICU which is where Jackson will definitely be when he first shows up.

So now we're just kinda killing time till then. I'm going to try to track down some more dvd's for Halle to watch, and get her non-hospital food as much as possible. I think she'd be up for visitors during the day. She's in room 309 on the 3rd floor. She feels like crap and feels like she looks like crap (even though it's far from the truth) so she's self-conscious about having visitors, but I think it would be good if you could stop by. I'm stuck at work during the day so unless her mom or sister are there, she's just watching tv.

I'll let you know if anything major happens, otherwise it's business as usual until Jan. 6th

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