Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One Week Old

It's been one week since Jackson appeared in the world. Halle is now back home and healing really well. She's still on pain meds, but will hopefully be done with them by next week. We've been working out schedules to visit Jackson in the hospital each day. Takes some maneuvering, but it's working out.

Jackson is doing great. He's progressed from eating 2mls of fluid every 3 hours to now eating a little over 2 oz every 3 hours. He's slowly starting to gain back some weight as well. We've been learning how to feed him with a special nipple that makes it easier for him. He's rocking it like a star.

The Magnesium is finally starting to wear off, and he's waking up, and as of right now he's got really dark blue eyes. We'll see if it sticks. ;)

He's had hearing and eye tests so far, and all of them have come back with 5 stars. No problems at all.

That's it for now. We'll keep shooting the updates out until he gets home, then there will probably be a break for a bit.

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