Friday, January 4, 2008

No New News

Not much news really, but in here's what we got. Halle is still having contractions 2 to 3 minutes apart, but not progressing into labor. They've got her drugged up like crazy, which makes her pain less so now she's just really uncomfortable and slowly going insane ;-)

I've got my mac sitting in her room with a stack of dvd's (thanks Jenn!), and she's had a lot of visitors (thanks all!). At night they give her pain medication that is pretty gnarly, so she's usually down for the count by 9pm or so. She's been resting better.

They have now decided if nothing is happening they will let her go home on Monday. Not exactly sure what the hell they think we're supposed to do at home.

This has been my interaction with the nurse:

Nurse: She can go home on monday if she's not in labor.
Me: So..... How will we know when to come back? She's already having contractions 2 minutes apart....
Nurse: Well.. They would be more intense.
Me: I wouldn't say that within arms reach of Halle if I were you.

So we'll see what happens. Either she'll go into labor before then, or after we "go home". It could get interesting.

I know that Halle doesn't know what she would do at home, or how she would handle it without the pain meds, but she also wants to do anything she can to get out of the hospital. We'll see.

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